What are some of the things the Lord has done for you lately? I’ve been able to successfully come away and rest a while. I write more about this principle that has served me very well over many years of ministry below:

The atmosphere was brimming with joy. The disciples had, before their eyes, seen demons cast out, the sick healed, and a multitude of people attain salvation. What could be better? The press that accompanies success was around them – people everywhere. Yet Jesus, being experienced in these things, asked the disciples to come away, and rest a while.  In another scripture, Jesus admonished them not to rejoice for these successes, but instead to rejoice for their names were written in heaven.

How I Do it

A secret that has served me well, is my ability to come away and rest a while. I get in solitude with my maker. You see, God’s Manna is sufficient for the day. If you hoarded it, it would be stale by the morrow. That’s why scripture says: “Give us this day, our daily bread”. I get quiet in His presence by listening to worship music, reading His word/ Christian books, and praying. God then floods my heart and mind with peace and a knowledge of what it is I am to do next. Come away, rest a while.

Come Away, Rest A While

Do you feel burned out? Feel like nothing is going right and that your usual strengths are failing you? Then it’s time to come away and rest a while. Have you just closed the biggest deal of your life? Then it’s time to come away and rest a while. Jesus beckons you to spend time with Him,  so you receive the strength you need for the next leg of your journey.

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And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while:- Mark 6:31

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Amen. Pastor Uche. The Lord has done it again and again oh. I have one bedroom flat for me and my family in it. Sir God is faithful to me – Thomas Uyeme

Previously, Thomas wrote: Man of God sir, I need to leave the house I am living now and get a new apartment for me and my family to live in.

Until next time, remember, Jesus Christ loves you and so do I.