As a boy or girl, you had long, long thoughts of what you might be. Have you now become so old and tired and cynical that you have forgotten those dreams of your youth; those high expectations of yourself? Never lose them, no matter what. Lose your stock certificates, lose your property, but don’t lose your dreams. For this urge to be someone, to be something, was put into you by Almighty God. – Vincent Norman Peale 

Where is he? I asked myself as I meandered through what looked like a maze. I was in a newly constructed shopping complex and I was here to find my good friend, Flo. I found him slumped in his chair, both hands on his face. What is wrong? I asked, entering the store and helping myself to a seat.

After a short discussion, I learned Flo’s dream of playing soccer professionally in Europe had just been dealt another blow. A tournament he had signed up for just didn’t work out and he was disappointed, contemplating if to abandon his dream. Here he was, working his 9am – 5pm day job, raising the cash needed to pay his bills, fulfill his responsibilities and save to fund his dream. Yet it seemed each time he made a head way, each time he gets tailwind, something happens and he comes crashing down to earth. Sound familiar? With concern and from personal experience, I quoted the words of a song I had  heard earlier. Here goes:


Joseph dreamed a dream, that set him apart from men. A dream that gave him courage to overcome his every sin. Joseph dreamed a dream, that one day he would have honor and he would have power. And when they laughed at what he said, he had the strength to raise his head. And through it all, the dream, it still survived. God gave me a dream that will not die. God cannot lie. God showed me a dream that will not die. The dream cannot die  – Shirley Murdock (Story found in Genesis 37)
This encouraged Flo. So if you too have thought of giving up on a dream – Don’t.