If you responded to how I’m to handle the influx of testimonies to my email, thank you. If not, there is still time. I believe testimonies should not be confined to any inbox, that’s for confidential prayer requests. Testimonies belong out in the world, published to show how good our God is. To show His greatness, to lift Him up, and in the process, become whole. It’s how we overcome the enemy who intends to shut us up so our precious Jesus is not glorified.

For now, I will experiment with publishing testimonies on a web page, and on social media. There is just so much the Lord is doing that we are not rejoicing on. And people’s faith stand a huge change to be lifted high enough to receive a miracle if we obey God and share. Continue to send me your prayer requests, and when God does it for you, your testimonies as well. He is faithful.

One of the oldest tricks in the arsenal of the enemy is to convince you that you are not – a mental game aimed to crush your confidence and defeat your spirit. See how you overcome below:

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Elias, Jeremias, John the baptist; were some of the names the disciples threw out at Jesus when He asked them a question relating to His core identity: “Whom do men say that I the son of man am?”. These answers came from people on the outside looking in. The disciples knew better, having a front row seat to the person of Jesus. Now did you notice Jesus already identified Himself within the question? “I the son of man“. He had no doubt who He was. But that didn’t erase the travesty He endured His entire earthly life. Hearing others try to identify him, define him even. That He was not.

Moses once asked, “whom shall I say sent me?” And God answered: “I am that I am”. He was referring to His core identity. He knew who He was. John the Baptist; human, jailed, and despairing for His lifework, questioned the identity of Jesus: “Art thou He that should come, or do we look for another?”. These words, aimed at His identity, hurt Jesus. John, being His forerunner should have known better. But Jesus kindly identified Himself: I am. From Beelzebub to blasphemer and everything in between, the people tried in vain, the Savior to define.  But Jesus knew who He was: the son of man.

Have you noticed recently how the devil tries to play with your mind? Through others, he would suggest that you are not enough, that you don’t fit in, that you ought only to be seen, and not heard. Remember when you were demoted at work because you expressed your dreams of starting your ministry/ business/ charity? That’s because the enemy was trying to define you wrongly -and failed. If Jesus was treated this way, so will you. Utilize His example. You are who He says you are. You are anointed, you are beautiful. You are.

And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am:

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Dear Pastor, thank you for your message. Just like you prophesied of me getting a job  early part of the  year. I got a teaching job. I thank God, it may be  small but I believe my latter will be greater as I have time to serve God. Please keep posting testimonies untill the last – Adelowo

Jesus Christ loves you and so do I. Until next time