I previously wrote about a testimony that occurred in 2007. Read it here. At the time, I was broke, desolate and almost homeless. In fact, I was sick financially and in many other ways. But God in His infinite mercies, through a family, healed me. The turning point came when I learned that I was already healed, I just had to “cash” my healing by believing in it and confessing in prayer, what God had said:

…and with his stripes we are healed – Isaiah 53:5

Four years later, in 2011, I wrote “You are Healed” for a dear friend/ mentor, but as I rehearsed the song to myself, I quickly realized that it applied to me as well. It applied to my being sick back in 2007, and being healed by the healer – Jesus Christ.

As you listen to this song, I believe the “I am the Lord that healeth thee” will send His word and heal your disease – whatever that may be. You Are Healed – Onyx

He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. – Psalm 107:20

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You are healed, you are healed, Sing praises to God

By Faith, you are healed, Magnify His Name

By His stripes you are healed, Go your way believing

You are healed by the King, Let His peace rest in you

Verse 1:

As I stood there that cold December day

Shivering, wondering and asking what to do next

10am in Indianapolis, expecting a big car to come here and get me

Then you pulled in humbly

Kevitt Brown, a pleasure to meet you sir

As we rode down to Louisville

I watched you intently as you spoke to your family

Observed you closely as you listened carefully

You turned on the dome light and drove so safely

So your wife could read, So Sarah could read

What I saw that day words can’t express

And what I learned that day was priceless

For the first time I saw, how a family should bond

I saw how hard you’ve had to work, to raise up such a godly flock

I envisioned exactly how my family should be like

Witnessed greatly what success truly means

You’re a survivor, you’re a great victor, you’re the son of the King

All I can say is…

Verse 2:

Kevitt through your glasses, I see cleverness

And in your silence, Wisdom sure screams loud

I remember when you asked my name, How proudly I said that name

How can I forget your intellect? that drove me to excel in class

I saw the respect your daughters had for you

Searched for a job, just to be more like you

How can I convince you that I am a good man, that I am a Christian?

Thank God for bringing you to my life, And thank God for using you to inspire

Through the thick and thin, though fears arise, remember God’s words

Dear Brother …


You are healed (x7)

You are healed now, believe now

By His stripes, by His grace you are healed now

So be strong now, look to Him now

He said He sent His word to heal and deliver now

You are healed now, redeemed now

As you believe, you receive, be it done now

Look and live now, feel His presence now

Go in peace, feel His peace reaching in now