Elijah, had just done the impossible, he made history. Thousands witnessed him call down fire from heaven. He defeated the servants of Baal. The whole of Israel was abuzz with what had just happened, and God’s children were encouraged greatly. But here Elijah sat, depressed and asking God to take his life. This life of being a minister is hard he thought. Little Jezebel had threatened him and he was on the run. How could it be that the man of God who called fire from heaven was discouraged and afraid? Yet this is the life of many ministers. In fact it is the life some Christians live. Perhaps you can relate: “The hard life”.


It’s Hard

Yes, there was a crowd, yes there were many testimonies. Yes, many got saved. Yet, amidst the smile, laid my discouraged heart. This would be the last time I minister I thought to myself. Not because God wasn’t being glorified. Not that God is not faithful, but because it is hard. Fasting, praying and being in silence waiting on a message from the Lord for many hours is hard. Constantly being in a state of uncertainly is hard. Raising resources to preach God’s word is hard. Preaching God’s word effectively is hard. Living a life where you are always attacked by the enemy is hard.


God is Harder than the Hardest

But they came, the women and men who didn’t have much. They gave 10 Rupees and 50 Rupees. It was perhaps all they had. I was reminded of the widow giving Jesus her last mite. I almost cried. And then they asked, “preach another message, just one more”. I did. And then they asked for another. And another. They soaked up every word. You could see faith rise in them as the revelation hit. Their faces lit up as the scripture was expounded. Someone was crying as I was about to leave. I knew in my heart of hearts that there was no way this was going to be my last sermon.  God used these folks to greatly encourage my heart. Yes it’s hard, but God is harder.


John Lubhaya


So You Think Your Life is Hard?

God has a stake in your life. Watch for His move. The subtle signs He produces in the midst of the storm, that show that you are still the apple of His eye. Watch closely and see His strength being made perfect in your weakness. Understand that if it were not hard, anyone but you could do it. You were built for this, built to last. You have a special grace and anointing for the task ahead. Fear not.  Double down on you. Run your race. Yes, you can serve God. Yes, you can live righteously and victoriously for Him – daily. Yes, you can be all that He called you to be. God didn’t say it won’t be hard. But He did promise He will be with you all the way. The journey may be hard, but your God is so much harder. He is harder than the hardest. Be encouraged today. #KeepGoing

I am  Confidence