As I was prepping to write this post, a friend on Twitter sent me a message asking, how could he be sure he was in the right religion. Which is, how can He be sure of His faith. One might expect me to delve into theological rhetoric to prove a point or dig deep into historical archives to show that he is in the right faith. My answer was simple: “because the Word says so and: Word don’t lie”. (Adapted from the popular saying, “Ball don’t lie”). My friend responded after a while saying: “This really helped me”. The Holy Spirit spoke to Him through the unfailing word of God.


Word Don’t Lie

One time, Moses marched to Egypt armed with a staff, and God’s word. Moses had failed many times in the past but this time, He was confident because He had something that never failed – God’s word, “Pharaoh, Let my people go”. Doubters asked, why do you think you will succeed this time? I imagine Moses answered: “Word Don’t Lie”. Armed with God’s word, the children of Israel surrounded the high walls of Jericho and it fell down. Again I imagine people asked: “What are your chances of breaching that great wall, and the answer was: because “Word Don’t Lie”.


God’s Word Catches Each and Every-Time

Today you have the opportunity to anchor your soul on that word that does not lie – take it. People may ask: “What are the chances that the rapture will occur?” Your answer should be: 100%. Why? because: “Word Don’t Lie”. The word of God is the only thing sure. God shows you that not one time has He said something and it did not happen, not one time. He reminds you that He has never known failure and never will. God’s word will catch each and every time. You can bank your life on it. Has He said it, He will do it. Has He promised it? He will perform it.

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please , and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it – Isaiah 55:11