As a teenager, I found myself in Church everyday. We had the: Sunday service, Monday fresh anointing service, Tuesday choir practice, Wednesday Bible study, Thursday prayer meeting, Friday breakthrough service, Saturday’s Ushers meeting… I imagine you are laughing by now. Perhaps you too can relate. But I got a lot of out this, especially a song. This song sounded pop like, with a 5 clap sequence intricately woven in. Sung beautifully in broken English, it goes like this: “Na the thing wey you give us papa, na im we dey bring am so”. Which translates: “It’s what You have given to us Father, that we are bringing to you”.


The Menace Brings the Message

Ruthie thought to herself: I sure wish I could have gone to the river yesterday using the shorter route. But for the menace who lives in the tombstone nearby. Mostly, he is naked. Not a good sight for the children. He is always drunk or high. Addicted to some potent drug. I felt flustered the other day, when the shepherds came into town to announce that their swine had drowned. They felt afraid seeing the menace sitting in his right mind in so much that they asked the visitor, a man they call Jesus, to leave town.  That was then, but what I’m I seeing today? Is that the menace preaching? He is saying that God did much for him (I can vouch). And that what God gave to him yesterday is what he is bringing to us today?


His Giving, Your Bringing

Your time, talent and treasure is God’s gift to you. It’s His giving. What you do with them is your bringing. What He tells you in secret, shout it out on the mountain tops. Testify. You honor God when you do this. You lift Him up. And when you lift Him up, He draws all others to Himself. When you stand for Him, He stands for you before His Father, even in your transgression. Share this good news. No, you are not boasting in yourself, rather you are boasting in Christ. It’s what He’s given you, that you are now bringing.

Return to thine own house, and shew how great things God hath done unto thee. And he went his way , and published throughout the whole city how great things Jesus had done unto him – Luke 8:39

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