I imagine you have been following this series closely. If you have missed anyone of the previous posts, feel free to start from Part 1, and then to Part 2, and Part 3. These are relatively short reads and will help you bridge your understanding gap of the principle I’m teaching on, “What you are afraid of, is afraid of you.

Now that you know how to seek out and exploit your giants weakness, I will like you to apply this in 2014. 2014 I believe, is an exceptional opportunity for you to slay your giants. Is weight loss the giant you’ve been trying to slay? Well, now you know that the excessive weight is actually scared of you. Is starting a blog the giant? Internet usage is growing and so there is a ready market for what you have to say. Would you like to run a half marathon?  You can, there is nothing stopping you. 2014 is afraid of you. It’s afraid of what you can become, well then grab the bull by the horn and get started towards being all that God has called you to be.

If the Lord tarries, you will have 365 days in 2014 to turn your world around for the better. A lot can change in just 1 day,  so I am sure you are sensing the opportunity 365 days has to offer. There will be challenges no doubt but there also will be opportunities. The fact is 2014, doesn’t start in a few days. It starts NOW. Through mental preparation, through preparing a budget, through completing that which you need to complete this year. What better way is it to get into 2014 than knowing that the things that have intimidated you are actually intimidated by you. So It is that I will ask you to follow these 5 practical steps to slaying your giant in 2014:

1.) Purchase a personal diary if you don’t already have one and write down a list of things you will like to overcome. Or at least things that you will like to start on. These are things that in times past have intimidated or eluded you.

2.) Now write down dates in 2014 when you will like to start and when you intend to complete these goals. This will put a healthy pressure on you to start. Once you start and begin to see results, the momentum will take care of its self.

3.) Purchase a paper calendar that you can post on the wall in the room, at home, where you spend the most time. This paper calendar should allow you see the whole year in one glance without having to tear the previous month out. Write down the target date for completing your goals on this calendar. Before you leave for work each day, look at this calendar and before you sleep each day look at it again. This will help you stay in track.

4.) Read your Bible first when you wake up and the last  before you go to bed. Your iPhone and Android Bible Apps work too. This will keep your spirit and mind healthy. It will help you deflect stress by putting life into the right perspective – even as you tackle your goals.

5.) Boldly cross off each goal as you complete them and throw an appropriate party for your self. It could be inviting your friends over to share in your testimony or it could be ordering pizza and a drink for yourself alone. You make the call.

I look forward to corresponding with you at the end of the year and hearing how you have slain your giants in 2014. By yourself you can do nothing but with God, nothing is impossible, you can do everything. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2014 to you and yours.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. – Phillipians 4:13