I received recently, via Twitter, a question from one of my disciples. He said:

Today I read the Bible scripture of Matthew 27. That Jesus could save himself but didn’t, why? In my opinion before it (crucifixion) happened, Jesus told it to Judas, who in turn betrayed Jesus. Jesus knew before he crucified himself. He could run away from that awful situation.

My answer to him was quite simple: Yes, Jesus could save Himself. But if He did, you and I will not be saved today. He chose to die so we could live. There is sin on earth and:

…the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”Romans 6:23.

He didn’t run from that awful situation, though he could, so you and I can today, be called Christians. Son’s and daughters of the most high. We can have the Holy spirit in dwelling in us and outpouring through us. We can look forward, in refreshing hope to heaven.

The question then is: What did He die for, when He died for you? Did He die, that you may live a life of bondage to the besetting sin, or did He die to set you free? Did He die in vain? Did he die so that you can be a failure, or did he die that you may live daily, abundantly, in resounding and glorious victory. Did He die that you may live in timidity, ashamed of the one who espoused you. Or did He die that you may be bold, powerful beyond measure, of sound mind, and that your love overflows. Take a moment now and reflect. What did He die for, when He died for you?