It was something he didn’t always bring up with his wife. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings or catch her shedding tears in the bowels of her closet, as he had often seen her do. The subject of a child had become taboo. Here he was with a trophy wife Sarah, the most beautiful woman on earth. You could look for miles, left and right, and wound’t find any wiser nor richer than he was. Yet he had no child. Even his hired servants had children running around calling him “uncle”. He could not control that. What Abraham could control, was his faithfulness to God’s call.

We didn’t bring it up much at home because quite frankly, I was satisfied with what God had given me. I have 3 beautiful, godly girls I go home to daily. I feel like a superhero when they scream “daddy” as soon as I walk in the door. Yet I would often hear Meyo, my eldest, inform that mommy said she wanted a boy too. I would overhear the girls in hushed conversations, say they wanted a brother too. Well, left for me, that was not going to happen, not within the next 5 years at least. If we decided after 5 years to welcome another child, we would have to adopt. Now is time to catch a flight to India and preach souls into God’s kingdom. To be faithful to God’s call.

When you serve God, and and are faithful to his call. He looks deep into your heart to birth your deepest desires in a miraculous way. So the world will see and know that only He could have done a thing like that. That’s what He did to His servant Abraham, giving him a son, when he and his wife’s bodies were as good as dead. It’s what He did for me, giving us a child irrespective of our own medical intervention not to have one.  The doctor said we will never have a full term baby without serious complications. That had been true in the past until this child whom God miraculously brought fully termed with zero complications. What a testimony.

I see someone reading this, who has served God all your life. Yet the one thing you long for, has not yet come to fruition. God asked me to write you and tell you that He sees, He knows, and in due time: “Your elevation will come, and what a miracle it will be”. People will see and know that God Himself, alone, performed that miracle. And many will put their trust in Him.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you – Mathew 6:33