Growing up, I was enthralled by the long time it took congregants at my local Church to testify. Some got really emotional. They sang songs of anguish and joy as they told how God had delivered them. It wasn’t till I was older that I understood what they were doing. They were transitioning from being healed to being whole. They were faced with hard situations and they lifted their voices to the Lord for help. God came through. They did not just sit on their couches or keep the miracle to themselves. They turned around and gave God thanks.


The Stranger Gives Thanks

Jesus, walking through a village was intercepted by 10 lepers. They asked Him for help but He simply referred them to the high priest. As they went on their way, a miracle happened, they were cleansed, they were healed. The stranger amongst them, a Samaritan, turned around and went to Jesus to give thanks. Jesus asked why it was the stranger, and not his other countrymen, that came to give thanks. He sent the stranger home saying His faith had made him whole. 10 people were healed that day, 1 was made whole.


Imbibe the Art of Thanksgiving

For every 1 person that testifies, there are 9 that do not. Many promised that if God gave them a job, they will serve Him forever. The job came. They are now so busy, they can’t pray for 10 minutes. Some prayed that if they found a spouse, they will pay their tithes. The spouse came and perhaps children came along too. Now they spend their last dollar ensuring the house is well stocked, leaving nothing for God. Imbibe the art of giving thanks. Turn around and give thanks – publicly. It’s simple, and it will make you whole. Someone said testifying is boasting – perhaps it is, boasting in the Lord – I will take that.

Below are three things telling your testimony does:

  • It makes you whole
  • It glorifies God
  • It encourages others to believe too, that God can do it for them


And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; – Revelation 12:11