everal weeks later, as I was about to wash a shirt, I found the pamphlet in my pocket. I noticed the Christian center was within walking distance of my school. I visited and as soon as I entered the library, I heard a voice that I had never heard before. It said, “You asked to know me, here I’m I – know me”. I picked up a book with the title “If you want God’s best, don’t settle for less”, and read it from cover to cover in one seating – a feat I had never accomplished in my life. Talk about doing exploits. I came back to that library over and over again, reading and reading and knowing God more. Anything that has gone right in my life, I owe to that encounter with God because before then, I was roaming the earth. After the encounter, I became consumed with purpose. I give this testimony just so you are inspired to get to know God better.