Hello sir, my name is Banks Uchenna Nwokeji. Before I go any further with this e-mail, I would like to sincerely apologize (I know you’re wondering what I could possibly be apologizing for, given the fact that we’ve not met or even had a conversation before). Well, I’m apologizing for not responding to your emails all these years and that’s sadly because I’ve really not been reading them. I get a bunch of emails from a lot of people, mostly sites I subscribe to. Some of them, I can’t even remember when or why and sincerely, I only bother to open and read just a few.

I was recently going through my inbox and I stumbled on your most recent email, “Bayete-Nkosi”. For some reason which I’m not sure of, I read it and couldn’t stop till I finished it. Something got excited/ inspired in me that I thought to myself, “who is this Evangelist Uche?” My curiosity to know more about you led me to follow the link you provided on the email which brought me to your website and I was deeply inspired by the contents, your short story, articles and the work you’re doing. I had to go back to my mail and search for all your previous emails and Lord, was I even more inspired and encouraged, especially by the one: “What is God doing now?”

I also learnt about your book on that subject which I would really love to have, but purchasing things online in this part of the world seem to involve a lot of protocol as I’ve been unable to carry out any online transactions even with my MasterCard debit card and PayPal account (I’ll definitely have to find a way around that). Well, after going through those emails, I really felt obligated to apologize for ignoring such precious pieces of inspiration and motivation. I want to thank you for reaching out to me and checking up on me even while I never even noticed. I promise to read every mail you send me and respond as often as I can. I know this is quite long, but I’ll be gladdened to receive a reply. Thank you again.

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it – Habakuk 2:2