I was part of a team charged with getting applications to work on Microsoft Windows 7. The timeline was short and the pressure was upped. Frustration mounted as application after application failed to work on the Windows 7 platform. Exasperated, I said: “wouldn’t life be good if everything just worked”. I thought I was going to get an Amen for that but I didn’t. A wise Christian man responded: “If everything works, then we will not have jobs”. I agreed. I thought about that sentence afterwards and soaked in the wisdom imbued in it. Truly, if everything worked, then our problem solving skills will not be needed. Isn’t that how it is for us as Christians? If all was well on the earth, then how can we have an impact? How can we be light and salt of the earth?

The disciples of Jesus Christ once debated the cause of a man’s blindness. They thought it was his sin, or perhaps, his parents sin. Jesus said it was neither. The blindness was so that the works of God could be made manifest. Think of that for a minute. God gives sight to the blind. God is a healer. How can He be a healer if there is no sick man to be healed. How can He illuminate our path, if we already walk in the light? How can He be a Father, if there are no sons? How can He be a savior if there are not sinners? Do you get the point?

There is a reason for problems. Mostly, it is that God can show His power. That’s why He has empowered you with His Spirit, so you can show His power. If everything just works on earth, then there will be no use for you being a Son or Daughter of Christ on earth. If all problems in the world were solved, then you will not be needed. Problems exists so you can solve them. Sickness exists so you can bring healing. Strife abound so you can with wisdom, heal broken relationships. Poverty is rampant so you can make a difference with your abundance. So next time, when you see that the world is not functioning perfectly, don’t complain, instead give thanks. Roll up your sleeves and go be the problem solver God called you to be.

Jesus answered , Neither hath this man sinned , nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him. – John 9:3