A kind and prosperous man once approached Jesus and asked, “Master, what can I do to get eternal life. Jesus told him to keep the law: Love your neighbor as yourself, don’t steal, don’t lie .. all the shebang.

The rich man acknowledged that he had kept the law all his life. Jesus looking at the man loved him, and then proceeded to offer him the greatest job on earth. He said, go and sell all your possessions and come and FOLLOW ME. This was too much for the rich man for he had too many possessions. He already had a good job. He missed out on the greatest job on earth.

In Luke 9, Jesus offered someone else the greatest job offer, but the man gave a good excuse for why he could not accept the offer at that point. He said he had to go bury his father to which Jesus replied. “Let the dead bury their dead”…, but you, take this offer. Another man who received the job offer said, “I will take it but let me go explain it to my family at home first”, to which Jesus relied: “No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back , is fit for the kingdom of God” – Luke 9:62. Not everyone declined this job offer though. Jesus saw 2 brothers, Simon and Andrew, and issued them a job opportunity of a lifetime. he said, FOLLOW ME, and I will make you fishers of men. They accepted this job on the spot.

What is your excuse for not taking the greatest job offer – FOLLOW ME? Is it that you are very busy at the office trying to climb the corporate ladder. Is it that you are trying to earn enough to meet your financial goals or is it simply that you want to be the best at your workplace. Today, the Lord Jesus Christ is offering you the greatest job offer. If you decline it, you will realize soon enough that you’ve been simply working to die. If you accept it, you will start working to live. #EternalLife

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