Joseph communicated his dreams of grandeur to his brothers. Instead of rejoicing with him, they became jealous of him. Showing a shadow, a type of something bigger to come. Jesus Christ knew He was to be King. He communicated this to his brothers the Jews. The Pharisees and Sadducees got jealous of him. Do you see any similarities between Joseph and Jesus? Do you see now that Joseph (Old Testament) was just a shadow of the Jesus Christ (New Testament) that was to come? Let’s delve in deeper. Joseph’s brothers betrayed and sold him into slavery for 20 pieces of Silver. Jesus was betrayed and sold for 33% more.

A Shadow Of Big Things to Come

Joseph was sent to the dungeon for a wrong he did not commit. Jesus was put in the tomb for a crime he too did not commit. Joseph went from the dungeon to sit at the right hand of Pharaoh. Jesus went from the tomb to sit on the right hand of His Father. Whenever Joseph moved, or his name was announced, every knee in Egypt and beyond bowed. Today, at the mention of the name of Jesus Christ, every knee bows. Joseph was given Pharaoh’s daughter, a gentile for wife. Jesus Christ got a bride of the gentiles because the Jews rejected Him. Joseph saved the Insraelites. Jesus saved the world. The Old Testament (OT) was a shadow of the New Testament (NT) – of big things to come. Do you see it now?

The Same God

The era has changed, many have come and gone, but God remains the same. His word still never comes back to Him void but accomplishes all He sends it to. His promise to you from before you were born rings true today as it did back then. The God of the then shadowed the God of the now – one and the same, unchangeable. Your spouse may have betrayed you but God has not and will not. Your cleverness will fail but God’s wisdom is established for ever. He will accomplish all that concerns you today. The God that stayed with Abraham till the end will stay with you. The God that brought fire from heaven and consumed Elisha’s offering is the same God tucking you to bed tonight. Rejoice.

For the law having a shadow of good things to come … – Hebrews 10:1

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever – Hebrews 13:8

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