Abudu gave his life to Christ at a pretty advanced age. Now that he was retired and living with his daughter, he spent most of his waking time sitting on his rocking chair and reading his Bible. Every now and then he would begin to shout as a revelation hit him. He would then call his daughter, Liz, to explain what God had just revealed and what he was so excited about. One day, Liz was going to have her work colleagues over. So, she moved dad to the attic where he wouldn’t disturb their party. “Dad, please don’t say anything or shout while my colleagues are here,” she said. She seized his Bible and replaced it with a geography book, intending dad could not get any new “revelations” and would not make a scene.


Liz’s Malaise 

Fifteen minutes after the party started, shouts began to ring out from the attic where Abudu was. Liz, understandably embarrassed, ran up to the attic to quieten her dad. “With all due respect Dad, why are you shouting with a geography book?” she said. “This is not a Bible, so there are no spiritual revelations here.” Abudu replied, “Why dear, I read the other day in the Bible that the Lord had thrown my sins into the depths of the sea. And I just read in this geography book that the sea is so deep, in some parts of the world, that man has not been able to measure, or even discover, its true depth. No one can find my sins, they’re gone. Glory Hallelujah.”


The Depths of The Sea

When this revelation hits, you can’t stay shackled. You’ve got to dance and jump. Especially when you realize that your debts have been paid in full. It’s inspiration due to revelation. I feel someone’s heart leaping for joy right now. It’s the revelation that produces joy unspeakable. God, being God, chose not to remember the wrongs you’ve done. Yes, He can do that. He is God after all. Isn’t that amazing? He obliterated your sins, throwing them into the depths of the sea, forever forgotten. There is no trace of sin anymore. Do you see that now? It cannot be dug up again. Don’t you feel good right about now?! No condemnation. No guilt. Now you know what to tell any accuser, be it demon or man, that dares try to bring up your old sins. Tell them just like this, “All my sins are gone, they’ve been thrown into the depths of the sea forever!”

He will turn again, he will have compassion upon us; he will subdue our iniquities; and thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea – Micah 7:19