Someone contacted me via Twitter, telling me how he had gone to school and graduated. He had researched opportunities and found the right business to pursue, however he did not have the finances to make it happen.

He was waiting on financing to come through, and this wait was causing his faith to stumble. He asked, what he should do? It appeared to me that he had done all he could and should. What is missing is that he should STAND (wait with patience). You see scripture tells us:

…and having done all, to stand. – Ephesians 6:13

There are many moments in our lives where we just have to stand. Stand in this instance means wait. Most of life moments are lived in the In-between. We wait for breakthroughs, we wait for graduation, for when we get married, for when the baby will be born, for when we get the job. Because there is a lot of waiting to be done in this life, there is no need for waiting to be agonizing or antagonizing, instead, waiting ought to be treated as a gift.

Waiting is a beautiful thing because we learn patience, we learn to appreciate that which is sought, when we do get it. We take inventory, we reminisce, we hope, we pray, we plan. These beautiful elements of life, we hardly will partake in if we got everything the same instant we sought them. As such, embrace waiting as a beautiful part of life. Whether you like it or not, you will wait. How you come out of waiting and what you get out of it, only you can determine. So back to the question, what should he do? What should you do? Here goes: You should be patient and don’t stop trying. The darkest night is usually just before the dawn. Don’t give up – your breakthrough is on the way.

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