My name is Lungile, 30 years of age,  I wish to share my testimony with you brethren and shame the Devil who is and was a liar since the beginning. When I grew up, I used to believe that Jesus is the Lord, I did believe that he died for my sins yet I have never had faith in his name. I believed all things in the Bible are true but never believed that kneeling down, praying and putting faith in the name of Jesus can be this powerful. I came to live in Johannesburg in 2004, living in Johannesburg led me astray as I began to be conformed to the standard of the place, there are a lot of evil things happening which makes you looks heroic in the eyes of those who are living in darkness, yet these things are an abomination in front of the Lord my Savior and God my creator.

I grew up with tonsils problem since 1998. I remember when I came to Johannesburg, they advised me to rest and made me believe I no longer had the problem. It was in 2012 when the tonsils problem came back. The devil wanted to destroy me, my work and everything I had. I started living a life without hope, thinking my life would end anytime. In 2013, I went home to Bulawayo where my mother took me to a Church hoping to help me fight this deadly sickness that had stolen my happiness. I had tried the Hospital many times but instead of being healed, the sickness stayed dormant for a while after treatment and then returned with a vengeance 3-4 weeks later. I tried to remove it through an operation, even after the doctor told me that at my age (27 by the time 2012), there was a 95% chance that I may die from the operation. I was prepared to take that 5% chance of being alive.

When we arrived at the Church, the pastor told me that I have to pray. I was so disappointed because it made no sense that I can kneel down and pray so that the tonsils got defeated. When I came back to Johannesburg, I decided to give it a try. I went to church and became born again. I started meditating on the Word, and the Holy Spirit started to lead me. I’m proud to announce that since the day I become born again, the tonsils problem is a thing of past. They have been crucified with the old person I was. Being born again, I was born with new tonsils. Everything has become simple for me, the life I’m living has become much easier and interesting. I want to thank God for this reason – Lungile



I thank God for the gift of life. Not many of my age mates made it till today. I’m thankful for the gift of children. When I  wake up every morning, I see the Grace of God in them. I am proud of them being healthy. Though I take medicines on a daily basis, I only remember that is my duty to take medicines but not that I am sick. We thank God we don’t visit the hospital often. This year not even a single day, none of my children visited the hospital. So we have a lot to thank God for. Though I have been having so much challenges, failure and disappointments, God is always by our side and that’s why no one can be against us. Because we are covered by the Blood of Jesus.Amen – Catherine


There so many reasons for thanking God this season. His protection throughout each night and day. For all the seen and unseen arrow that did not have power over my household. For several journeys mercy. For saving me from armed robbery attack with a gun, yet I ran away from the scene unharmed, for the grace of faith. For giving me victory over fear. For the grace of good health and sound mind. For not allowing me lose my job. For children and students academics performance. For the fellowship, for my church, For everything I say thank you Lord. – Afolashade


Hello there. I am thankful that God has blessed me with the most wonderful, loving parents a woman could ask for. I was adopted – Kathy


I am thankful to God for healing me of cancer. He is faithful to us and His word! – Evangelist Jennifer



To God be the glory I just want to thank God for the times he has come through for me when am in need, and in times of trouble he has protected me from my enemies. – Ibrahim



I am Thankful for two healthy children and for the Lord’s mercy everyday – Corne


In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you – 1 Thessalonians 5:18