I like the story of Paul, the non-believer who was hanging out with his friends at the bar. A friend purposed that they take the party on to Paul’s house and perhaps his wife, Adele could join in the fun. Paul informed them that he didn’t think it was a great idea because his wife Adele was a Christian. The friends retorted that they were all Christians as well, that everyone in the world was a Christian. And that if they would just visit Paul’s house, they will prove that Adele was just like everyone else. After much resistance, Paul gave in.

The men on reaching Paul’s house, pretended to be drunk. Adele being hospitable, served them  food. The men threw the food on the floor and launched into a cursing tirade. Paul’s wife instead of reacting negatively, started singing a hymn “He bore all my shame …” After trying for several minutes, the men gave up. Several days later they all became Christians. They just had never seen anything like that before. Adele triumphed, only because she was tested.

Many years ago, a man approached me to build him a website offering a lot of money. After  researching, I found out it was scam. I turned the offer down even though I was dire need of a financial breakthrough at the time. In God’s providential mercies, I was rewarded handsomely two weeks later with much more than I needed. This was triumph to me but it came only after I had been tested.


If you are reading this, you perhaps know more about tests than I do. Many of you are students and so take tests/ quizzes/ exams on a frequent basis. I’m sure you agree that your certifications, your promotions, your affirmations and your attestations come only after you’ve been tested. The rest of us are tested in other ways, be it a nagging health issue, trying to find that right somebody, seeking direction for the future, hoping to have your blog, business, idea take off this year. May I say this all could just be tests, and the triumph is around the corner. Evaluate, re-evaluate but do not give up. Hold on to God, believe in Him and like Job you will come up higher than you are now. You will triumph.

Question: In what ways have you been tested lately and what is God teaching you through this?

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