Summer & Grace

This summer, in Indianapolis, we’ve been blessed with an abundance of sunshine. Even with the beauty, splendor and usefulness of this sunshine, it’s no secret that we need rain and we need it NOW. And we need it BADLY.The fact that we’ve had an abundance of sunshine and yet desire rain shows a type of how we’ve had the law and yet crave grace. The law alone produced spiritual drought – spurring an avalanche of offenses. Grace alone can produce spiritual flooding – a nothing is wrong, anything goes disposition.  Knowing God is full of mercy and grace and that He is also a consuming fire, attest that a measure of  fear (sun) and love (rain) are needed to run the Christian life successfully.

The law was needed but grace is needed even more. It is not enough that there is the law, but that there be also, a greater measure of grace. The crops need the sun but they need the rain too. Humans needed the law to create order but now need grace to be saved.

Moreover the law entered, that the offense might abound. But when sin abounded, grace did much more abound – Romans 5:20.

This, simply is why Jesus Christ came to die, so that we do not die of drought and that our parched and thirsty souls are refreshed by the rain of His amazing grace.