I am blessed to have a sizable following on Social Media but this comes with a disadvantage in that I often try to reach everyone at the same time. The Holy Spirit catches me in the midst of this and reminds me to speak to just one person. Don’t worry about the other tens of thousands that will see this, just speak to one, the one whom the message is sent to. I’ve found that if just one person gives their life to Christ, it is very much worth it. More so I’ve noticed, that a lot more people connect to the message because of the Individual way it was presented.

Jesus was often seen pressed by a multitude of people. People who followed Him about and hung on to His every word. He was every bit a celebrity, and more. What set Him apart was the fact that He dealt with individuals. Yes, He was often seen in a crowd, but His dealings were with individuals. He healed the lady with the issue of blood. He cast out the demon from a man’s son. He spoke to the Samaritan woman and gave her eternal life. He rose Lazarus from the dead. He healed the Centurion’s child. He ate with the tax collector. You will always see Jesus singling someone out and dealing individually with that person. This personal treatment made the crowds that followed him grow even larger.

One of the keys to success in public speaking is to speak to all as though you are speaking to one.  Do not try to speak to all at the same time. Zone in on one person and speak into their soul. Use empathy to connect with one person intimately, and the entire audience will be yours for the taking. Jesus did not come to save your twitter followers, He came to save Individuals.  Don’t forget that. Speak to all and you speak to none. Speak to one and you speak to all.