I struggled with my grades during a rough season in my University career. One day I stumbled upon “My American Mom” – the lady who first took me to Church when I newly arrived the United States many years ago. She told me words I will never forget. She said: “Uche, if  you will just show up for class, that is a C”. There were other things to do to get an A, like study and turn in assignments, but showing up already takes me past the pass threshold. In other words, if I will not skip class, if I will faithfully and consistently attend class, failure will be very difficult to attain. I applied this principle to other aspects of my life and it has served me well. That if I will just show up to my job, if I  will show up to my marriage, If I will show up for my purpose, I will get a huge shot at getting it right and being successful.

David’s dad Jesse, sent him to give supplies to his elder brothers on the battle field. Joseph could have grumbled and complained of how his brother’s were sent to war, and he was left behind to tend sheep. He could have cooked up excuses as to why he should not go, perhaps an epidemic had broken out, or maybe he was just too sick to go. Not David, He controlled his attitude and showed up at the battle field. The rest, as you know is history. I wonder if David would have become King of Israel if he did not show up when his dad asked him to.

Showing up is very important. Show up for work. Show up for your appointment. Show up for your responsibilities. To be successful at anything, you have to show up first. How do you pass your exams without showing up to take it? How do you get a job without showing up to interview for it? How do you win big games without showing up for practice? Many things in life will fall in place if you just show up.

Early in the morning David left the flock in the care of a shepherd, loaded up and set out, as Jesse had directed – 1 Samuel 17:20