I remember driving to work daily, back in January 2006, with the songs of Sara Groves blasting from my car stereo. The anointing, the realness, the relativity and the honesty of her lyrics blessed me. These lyrics pulled you towards Jesus Christ while also taking into consideration, the daily mess we live in– called doing life. Songs like: First song that I sing, What do I know?, Going home, You are the Sun and many more.

One song that made a profound impact on my life forever is “When it was over”. I remember putting that song on repeat and crying as the need for reconciliation became apparent in my life. God gave us relationships for a purpose and the devil tries to break it. It’s time we start reclaiming our relationships.

Sara Groves performing at the reason to gather event in Indianapolis, hosted by ONYX

We were privileged to host Sara and her husband Troy in 2011. Based on what I had read, I expected to meet a humble family but the humility I saw exceeded my expectations. Sara even offered to make me a sandwich. They never complained about anything but instead made things work. Troy through wisdom, made the right call when the event seemed threatened by inclement weather. All around, it was an honor to host the reason to gather concert in Indianapolis. Sara’s songs have  impacted me in terms of reconciliation and meeting her family also showed me a new side of  humility. Something that has made me a better Christian. It’s been over a year we met but our thanks still go out to the Grove’s small family, whom God has used, and continues to use, to make a BIG impact around the world.