This is the final installment of the 2014 crusade report in the Punjab, India. If you missed the previous installments, you can read them here: Part 1 | Part 2.


Day 3

We had breakfast with a new family and fellow-shipped with them. Like many other families we met, the husband had gone abroad to work and was sending remittance back to his wife and children. The husband came back once or twice a year to visit, and that for short stints. For you and I, this may be a hard way to live, but people in the Punjab thrive under this. There is prestige in this even. We proceeded to some site visits in Amritsar, amongst which was Jallianwalla Bagh, where many Indians were massacred in their struggle for freedom. I got to experience the sights, sound and spirit of the Punjab firsthand- very vibrant and active. Colorful turbans adorned the head of many a Punjabi, and long beards adorned some of the male faces. It was particularly comic watching the wind push the beard of the men backwards, as they rode on a motorbike.

We headed back to the meeting grounds just in time for me to prepare and nap. The welcome again was much more powerful that the earlier night. The crowd had swelled significantly. I gave a short tribute to my friend Kevitt Brown who had passed a few days ago back in the States. I preached fervently and prayed for the sick through laying of hands. The Holy Spirit showed up. Miracles occurred and the crowds response to God was very aggressive. Back pain was gone and families healed. The people sat and ate after the meeting. Food was provided by the organizers  and that was special for me to witness.

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Day 4

I was privileged to baptize 8 people. All confessing their love for Jesus Christ. That was a highlight of the trip, watching people go from death to life in Christ Jesus. We then went on house to house evangelism. Many foreign ministers stay in nice hotels and only come out to preach at the appointed time. There is nothing wrong with this approach but I must say that being in those houses and receiving tea from people who didn’t know where their next meal will come from was humbling and inspiring to say the least. I’m glad I got to experience this. A family we visited did not have a fan but New Jerusalem Charitable Ministries gave them funds to buy one. Another family was provided with funds for meals. The stories I heard, the love that was shared, endeared the Punjabi’s to my heart.

As I ministered that night, I poured out my heart to the people, it was all love. Rather than preach, I proceeded to teach everything I knew on how to understand the Bible, especially the Old testament. An alter call was made and about 48 people gave their lives to Christ that night. We sang lots of songs to the almighty God, danced our hearts out and at the end were reluctant to leave God’s presence. I had to be whisked out of the venue around 2:30am in the morning to head for the airport. There was going to be a strike coming in the morning and the organizers were solidly bent on ensuring there was no glitch to the scheduling. I left with a heavy heart. I wish I could have stayed more. It’s amazing how much change God had put in my heart in just 3 days. At first, my natural body did not want to go but the Spirit compelled and prevailed. Now my natural man didn’t want to leave but again  the Spirit won. Your take away from this report is to always be led by the Spirit. As scripture states:

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God – Romans 8:14

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People were saved, I believe, not just because of my sermon delivery, but because the locals prayed and because you prayed.  And God answered prayer. Simple. Thank you for praying and for staying in touch on social media and email. I felt your prayers and was encouraged by your words of encouragement. New Jerusalem Charitable Society (The organizer of the crusade), sends it’s heartfelt thanks. Please feel free to encourage the Pastor, John Lubhaya by sending him an email to: Just tell him how much you appreciate what God is doing through him for the people of the Punjab.

Of course there are needs. NJCS just hired a full time staff to help document ministry happenings and send in a newsletter. The door to door evangelism is thriving but that incurs transportation costs. Currently only 1.1% of the Punjab population are Christians.  But the heart of the  people are hungry for the gospel, ripe even. I have seen if for myself. This has been one of my best investments by far, and it can be yours too. The strategy is 3 pronged. Door to door evangelism by ground troops as a means to open people hearts, and massive Crusades to demonstrate God’s presence and cause massive follower-ship of Christ. And then discipleship through the Church. You are already playing a huge part by praying. I plan to go back again next year, and I invite you to come with me. If God prompts your heart to go, please don’t fail to email me your interest at:, within the next 7 days as this opportunity will close. If I get an email from you, I will send you a copy of Pastor Lubhaya’s report with even more details.

To the Lord Jesus Christ be all gory honor and praise. I pray for you reading this, that your life is changed for the better, and your faith is lifted. That  there be no harm against you. That God provides for your every need, and mostly, that He keeps you for Himself. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


Photo Credit: Cosmin Danila Photography

Weddings are very big in the Punjab. In fact, there are lots of wedding houses visible as you drive through the cities. Photo Credit: Cosmin Danila Photography


Chapati - A delicious  bread served in most homes we visited. Photo Credit:

Chapati – A delicious bread served in most homes we visited. It is a staple of the Punjab people. Photo Credit:

Motor bikes are in high demand and use in the Punjab. Photo Credit:

Motor bikes are in high demand and use in the Punjab. Do you see how the wind takes his beard backwards? Photo Credit: