Read an update from Nepal (Warning, graphic photos)

In October 2014, I was scheduled to be in Kathmandu, Nepal for a gospel meeting. Everything was set for an awesome outpouring of the Holy Spirit but for some reason, last minute, a schedule change meant I could not be there. This change created an insatiable hunger to be back with my brothers and sisters in Nepal to share the gospel and help out in 2015. And so imagine how I felt when I heard that Nepal has been hit with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. According to a CNN report, as of 04/28/2015, 4,700 people are confirmed dead, 9,200 injured and over 8 million people are affected.

Nepal ticket

As It Is On The Ground

I reached out to my brother in Christ who is based in Nepal, Reuben Rai. And he responded: “500 Christians are feared dead, 200 alone in Dhadhing near the Quake center. 100 in Kathmandu, and 200 in rest areas. Total dead bodies collected exceeded 4000. More then 50,000 in intensive care unit. Thousands awaiting rescue and help. Hundreds still missing in Everest avalanche. No water in shop, no food and vegetables since market is not open. Because of fear of more quake, people still are in open field in cold and rain with their little new born babies, difficult for children and the elderly. People are starting to have flu, fever and cold. We will start to help others from tomorrow. Its Monday 9:37 PM. Just hit by Quake (after shock) again at 9:37 pm”.

It’s Your Moment

Thousands of years ago, a famine struck the world. Thousands of people died. Imagine a parent watching her 3 year old son die slowly just because they have nothing to eat. But there was food in Egypt because of the faithfulness of Joseph. This unbearable hardship was Joseph’s moment and through him, God brought relief and provision to Egypt. I believe that through the faithfulness of Christians around the world, God will bring hope to Nepal. Do anything in your power to help the people of Nepal. This includes giving, sharing this message and praying, especially prayer. As God used Joseph to save Egypt so God is wanting to use you, to save Nepal. This is your moment. Pause and Pray for Nepal today will you?