In my life personally, I have seen Jesus Christ come through for me on countless occasions. I’ve seen accidents averted at the mention of that name. I have seen doors open at the mention of that name. I have gone places I fretted to go, and succeeded, because I knew I was armed with the name of Jesus Christ. This is very personal and real to me and so it didn’t come as a surprise to me when about 2 years ago, God put a melody of worship in my Spirit. As I began to hum the tune, the words that kept coming to my mind was “Praising Your Name”. Of course I will praise the name of Jesus because it is worthy to be praised. It works. As I communicated this song to my producer, and as he laid down the first beat, I knew I had to follow through with what God had put in my Spirit. I knew I had to birth this record. At the time recording was complete, there was no audience for the song, and so I sat on it for a while, until God could bring the audience for this. So if you are listening to this song, consider yourself blessed.

Back to the song, as we sat down and fine tuned the beat to the music. I went apart to write the entire song. The lyrics came in effortlessly. As the Holy Spirit gave me utterance, I wrote. I then asked my brother to vocalize the song. He was flattered but as he continued to listen to the song, he felt Emily Mitchell was in a perfect place to vocalize the song. Emily came to the studio and finished the recording in a few hours and when we started listening to the rough cut, It was obvious there wasn’t  just a melody to the song but there was, more importantly, an anointing. An anointing that suggested that this song wasn’t just going to entertain ear buds, it also had the power to change lives and circumstance. Here is why:

There is no name like the name of Jesus Christ. It is the name given above all names, that at it’s mention, every knee shall bow. The name of Jesus is a strong and mighty tower. It is a refuge like no other. The righteous runs to it and is safe.  Demons hear the name of Jesus Christ, and they flee. Believers hear the name of Jesus and they are emboldened. It is the name that saves. It is the name that heals. It is the name that restores. The name that responds. The name that never fails – not once. It is the name high and lifted up. The name of Jesus is powerful. If you know this, then you won’t suffer under the repression of failure and defeat anymore. If you know the power inherent in the name of Jesus, then devils cannot toss you around any more or eat you for lunch. There is power in the name of Jesus. There is anointing in the name of Jesus. There is victory in the name of Jesus. Call that name when you are awake and when you are asleep. Call that name when you are in trouble or when you feel secure. Call that name in the secrecy of your wardrobe and in the bright lights of the podium. Whisper it when you are in doubt and scream it when you are on the podium.

I pray as you listen to this song, that the good Lord inspires your heart to trust in His name. To lean on, to rely on His name. To call His name shamelessly. To proclaim it proudly. May that name, Jesus Christ be a refuge for you and your loved ones. May the name open up doors for you and cause your pilgrimage here on earth to be a joyous one. He gave His name for a reason, for you, for your well being – and may you forever in person be saying to Jesus Christ – I am Praising Your Name.

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved – Romans 10:13


Verse 1

Those that call, upon your name, shall be safe

The righteous runs, to your name, and is safe

How excellent is your name, in all the earth

Knees shall bow, tongues confess, hearts proclaim:

Your name – Is a strong and mighty tower

Your name – is a refuge from disaster

Your name – Fills our hearts and souls with laughter

Your name be magnified, your name be advertised

That’s why I’m …


I am praising your Name

Praising your Name

I am praising your Name

I am praising your Name

For all that you do

That you’ve done

That You will do

That’s why I’m praising your name

I am praising Your name

Verse 2

Beautiful, how wonderful is your name Lord

No other name can compare to Your Name Lord

You’re given, a name above,  all other names

That at its mention – every knee shall bow

Your name, is stronger than the strongest

Your name, is higher than the highest

Your Name, is bigger than the biggest

Your Name be glorified, Your name be lifted high

That’s why I’m



For all that you do

That you’ve done

That you will do x13