The Depths of The Sea

Abudu gave his life to Christ at a pretty advanced age. Now that he was retired and living with his daughter, he spent most of his waking time sitting on his rocking chair and reading his Bible. Every now and then he would begin to shout as a revelation hit him. He would then call his daughter, Liz, to explain what God had just revealed and what he was so excited about. One day, Liz was going to have her work colleagues over. So, she moved dad to the attic where he wouldn’t disturb their party. "Dad, please don't say anything or shout while my colleagues are here," she said. She seized his Bible and replaced it with a geography book, intending dad could not get any new "revelations" and [...]

Forgiven by a Touch

Amidst the raucous Uindy crowd cheering on their Greyhounds swim team to victory, I pushed my way slowly out towards the exit. Then I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder. Turning around, I was met with a smiling, understanding and compassionate face. I smiled back and walked briskly towards the exit. I recognized that face. So full of forgiveness. That face belonged to the mother of my then university roommate. She'd heard of me and how God had used me to baptize her son. But I also had inadvertently hurt her family in a subsequent decision I made. Yet in that quick moment of recognition, I felt free and affirmed. Forgiven by a touch.   Set Free by Forgiveness Jamie fell to his knees and wept uncontrollable as the [...]

Your Key Differentiator

As I settled to read aboard a United flight to Houston, Texas, a gentleman, Alex, sitting next to me, found out that I was an evangelist and decided to engage me in a spiritual conversation. He said: “How do you explain the deficient god of the old testament? How can there be only one way to the truth?” He continued: “Science will eventually give a better explanation as to how we came to be. An explanation that will trounce the old testament's 7-day creation theory.” On and on he went. In turn, I asked Alex about his occupation, his family, his belief. I sought to find where his trouble was. It appeared Alex was flying into Vancouver, but the Canadian Government had just instituted a new process for visa exempt [...]

Connection and Settlement

Located just outside a home I spent 8 years growing up in Lagos, Nigeria were thriving shops that sold parts for cars. The culture integral to the success of these shops was: "connection and settlement." Let me explain. An entrepreneur, sensing a need to open up a new shop, since he has outgrown his old shop, would travel to the rural cities and hire someone. This new hire (protege) would live with the entrepreneur, learn the ropes of the trade and serve faithfully. When the new hire becomes competent at the trade, the entrepreneur would then open up a new shop for him (new hire) to manage. After about 5 years of successfully running a shop and repatriating the profits back to the entrepreneur, the new hire will then get [...]

Come and See – Part 2. Thoughts From Honduras

I've written previously about how God used a family to change my life. This family didn't necessarily give me a job or preach the gospel to me, they just bade me to "come and see". They invited me to tag along with them to the creation Museum in Kentucky. They opened their car to me, a stranger/ foreigner, and I was able to see a functional family, and aspire for that, for more in my life. Though its been many years ago, I reflected anew on this as I embarked on a  trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. On my way, I first stopped at West Lafayette, Indiana, where this family lived. My next stop was in Miami, Florida where a member of this same family inspired me not to settle [...]

You would be insuperable if you were inseparable – Lesson From Rwanda

While reading through the exhibits at the Genocide museum in Kigali, Rwanda recently, I came across the word Hamitic. I'm not fully sure why this word stuck out like a sore thumb, but I decided to look more into it - Hamitic simply means being a descendant of Ham. Ham was one of the 3 sons of Noah. A false theory developed overtime, amongst many, that those of Ham's lineage were different and perhaps inferior. Which fascinates me because I noticed that some of God's biggest generals have names that end in Ham; Abraham, Graham, Branham etc). Being of Ham or of Shem is a divider negating the fact that all are of Adam. The Belgians used this Hamitic notion to colonize the Rwandans, they used the old political playbook termed: [...]

Basement To Pulpit

I recall sitting in a closet located in the basement of the University of Indianapolis student center many years ago. This closet contained the celebratory attire the waiters and waitresses wore to serve on special occasions. I remember staring at the closet mirror and seeing myself clad as a waiter. How did I get to this spot I wondered, earning minimum wage? Now all was not bad because, after-all, this was my first hourly job. The money I made from it paid my rent and cell phone bills with a little change to spare. For an 18-year old, that was not a bad deal. But I did wonder if this was what I wanted for my life? Absolutely not. The reason I waited tables, scrubbed dishes and restocked the pantry [...]

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