In the last post, I talked about distrust mainly in the context of its adverse effect on confidence. Simply put, we’ve known people who have distrusted us and how that broke our confidence. In the same vein, we can tell stories of people who trusted us in daunting, high stake situations, and how we rose to the occasion. When I was about to leave my home in Lagos, Nigeria to study abroad, my dad wrote a letter to the consulate that I happened to read. In it, He said  he trusted that I was going to do big things in, with and for technology. Wow! What a vote of confidence. Just thinking of that good old letter sends multiple bolts of confidence down my spine.  If you’ve been placed in a position of authority, particularly as a parent, please use your words wisely – to exhort. They can have eternal consequence.

Distrust does not affect me adversely now because I’ve been trusted with a grace that overrides distrust. Imagine a police officer being pulled over for going above the speed limit. This cannot be because the police officer is trusted to go above the speed limit. This trust comes with the expectation that it will be used for the public good. God trusted me so much; He gave an abundance of grace that cannot be exhausted. He has forgiven my past, present, and yes, my future sins – if I ask. I am under grace now. His grace puts me above the law. I can be charged with sin anymore than the police officer can be charged for going over the speed limit. And since God is going to take all the glory, I am happy to allow Him do all the work. Yes, I just rest in His grace, I rest in His trust.
I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another… Isaiah 42:8
This trust humbles me. Like Paul, I’ve come to realize that:

All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any. 1 Corinthians 6:12

You’ve being trusted so strongly that you want to live up to the expectations of this trust.  You know you can do anything wrong now or in the future and get away with it but yet choose to always do right because you’ve been entrusted. You can’t fail him, His watching, He will be hurt if you do, and He trusts that you won’t fail. Wow! We’ll call this: overwhelming trust.

And so our confidence soars because it’s placed in someone who has shown much trust. How dare anyone distrust us? How dare anyone try to undermine our confidence – do they have a clue as to Who has placed confidence in us? Yes, the God of the universe, the maker of heaven and earth, the King of glory. Jesus Christ is His name. Say to yourself:

I can never have low self-esteem; I can never be brought down by any spoken word or executed deed of man. No demon under torment can oppress my mind or depress my spirit.

If you don’t personally know Jesus Christ yet, I only pray that you experience and accept this confidence, this same trust He places on you as well.

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