Last week, I lost 2 contracts. It was a good thing overall since these contracts had deteriorated overtime into dead weights, but I still felt somewhat remorseful, somewhat disappointed at losing them.

I write this so you know that people like me, who seems to always be celebrating one new achievement after another, one new milestone, also go through the lows of losing out on a contract, of having results not go the way I expected. Of getting carnage when bliss was the expected. The difference though, is that I keep going, I keep pushing, I keep seeking new opportunities. I adhere to the principle of the scripture that says:

In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: for thou knowest not whether shall prosper , either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good. – Ecclesiastes 11:6

In a previous post, I wrote on how Jesus Christ handled the grief of losing John the baptist and how that should serve as a pointer for us handling disappointments.  While I mourned the loss of 2 contracts, I also celebrated the addition of 1 new contract. I did not seat at the closed doors wailing and shedding tears on what was. I thanked God for the opportunity I had had and immediately sprinted to the next open door – before anyone else got there.

There is opportunity all around you. I’ve said this before but allow me to reiterate, that you are standing on acres of diamonds. Perhaps your co-workers remind you of a sluggish economy and how that should translate to your not being able to get the things you need. Yet, a sluggish economy also presents an opportunity for you to acquire goods and services at a fraction of their cost. It provides an opportunity for you to build and expand at steep discounts. Perhaps you have been reminded all too often how that we win some and lose some. Yet, if you learned valuable lessons from the situations where you “lost”, then you have lost none and won all. All your business ventures till date may have failed, yet start a new one. You may have not been promoted at your workplace commensurate to your new skills and abilities, yet continue to improve. Everyday is a new opportunity, continue to seek out and pursue possibilities. Continue to be opportunity minded.