While filming for the wedding of Aaron and Keilah Bailey, in 2012, a gentleman approached me and we began a lively conversation about Christ. No pleasantries, no small talk, no introductions …straight into discussions about faith, the future and how it all revolves around Christ. You see, in a world where we all have our little cliques, where we are mostly confined in conversation, to the familiarity of  our groups. Aaron Birk instead, stepped away from his circle to speak to me of Christ. That took courage. That is being a champion. All I remember saying to Aaron is that he propose to Tirzah QUICKLY. There are a plethora of reasons why I said this but for brevity, here is one.

Photo courtesy of Violet Short Photography

You see, six years prior, by providence, I happened to be seating across the table from Tirzah at the University of Indianapolis dinning hall. She was sitting with some friends and strangers. No pleasantries, no small talk, no introductions, she spoke about her faith, how she missed her home church in Lafayette but was glad to be serving as a pianist in the local Baptist church. She even invited the entire table to the Church youth group, Static. Notice any similarities?

Tirzah was to be the physician, Aaron was to be the business man. Together, today, they are united in executing the highest calling of  life – Serving Jesus Christ. Both as healers of the soul and in the business of saving souls. My wife Ella and I are deeply honored to have been invited to this wedding ceremony. We were inspired by Dr. Kevitt Brown’s (Tirzah’s dad) testimony to always be thankful to God in good and “bad” times. We were also reminded of the scripture:

…for no man can do these miracles that thou doest , except God be with him. – John 3:2

No man can bring these two kindred hearts together in a manner DELIGHTFUL to God and man as we have experienced and testify. Only God can do miracles. Surely, only God can do this.

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