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The election results of the 2016 US presidential election unsettled me. This because I knew intuitively, that voice had just been given to a lot of people with racist attitudes around the world. They had now been given permission to come out of the woodwork. And boy, did they come out. There was the white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, and the Muslim ban. Personally, I watched how my manager at the time allowed all his latent prejudice to come through towards me. I was out of the position within weeks. My neighbor whom I had a cordial relationship over 12 years, became antagonistic, and only seemed to remember, as he constantly reminded me, that I was not born here. Many I know experienced this too.



I said at the Night of Compassion event in 2016, that it would be a tough 4 years (it couldn’t be more than 4 years), but we will come out better. It seemed we couldn’t breathe at times. The 2020 US elections had to be won by a large margin, it couldn’t be close, otherwise, there would have been chaos with all the lawsuits that ensued. I mentor young men from around the world and always tell them to be so much better. It can’t be close or they won’t get the opportunities they desire. It’s the message to you for 2021, even more than I thought, to be 10 times better (10X). Not 10X better in cars or houses, per se, but in spirit, in comportment, in emotional intelligence, in imagination, in skill, in wisdom and knowledge. Strive to be better in these for you will need it to thrive over the next few years. 


Your Goal for 2021. The 10X spirit

This year, we could not celebrate the Night of Compassion event in person because of the pandemic but God still wanted me to let out this important message. I have obeyed. Last year, when I mentioned 2020 to be the year of contentment, it felt as though it was not positive or aggressive enough. Well, you see how 2020 shaped out. If you didn’t heed the message on contentment, then the year would have played a number on you. For 2021, do invest time in reading, listening to the word, worshipping, and meditation. almost like you are going back to school. It will get you to the 10X spirit required to continue thriving. Daniel had this Spirit, Abraham had this spirit, Moses had this spirit and you too can, you too will. I pray this for you. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And in all matters of wisdom and understanding, that the king enquired of them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers that were in all his realm – Daniel 1:20



Good morning sir, I’m short for words, and I’ll really want to sow into your evangelical ministry because everything I wrote down as a prayer point. God has done it for me like a dream of the night. –  Johnson Udoh


Send me your prayer requests and I will be happy to lift you up to the throne in prayer. Until next time, remember, Jesus Christ loves you and so do I. Merry Christmas in advance.

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PSS: Thanks for your support throughout the years. We are still here and to God be all the glory.