The woman with the issue of blood had spent all her living on physicians yet didn’t get any better. An often overlooked point is that she did have the resources to spend on the physicians in the first place. Why wouldn’t she? Anyone who thought the way she did, who had faith like she did, would have those same resources. She was a million dollar woman. She heard of Jesus, she came, she saw Him, believed and achieved her healing. The Syrophoenician woman, despite Jesus’ strong rebuke of her not deserving his blessings, didn’t go home empty-handed. Her thought process and persistence wouldn’t allow that. She was a million dollar woman who gave the rebuttal for all ages. She heard of Jesus, she came, saw Him, believed Him, and achieved her daughter’s exorcism.


Zacchaeus, the Million Dollar Man

While the crowd trudged behind Jesus, Zacchaeus did the opposite, he ran ahead. In other words, he looked towards the future and seized it. Zacchaeus had limitations like we all do. He was of small physical stature, but his mindset enabled him to turn this disadvantage into a potent advantage – he had to be different. To mitigate his disadvantage, he climbed a sycamore tree. The tree was there all along, a free part of nature, but only Zacchaeus had the good sense to climb it. Jesus, a man who has always responded to faith, looked up and called Zacchaeus down, and ultimately spent the night in his abode. Studying Zacchaeus’ mindset reveals why he was a million dollar man. Zacchaeus heard of Jesus, he came, he saw, he believed and he achieved his salvation that day.


Achieving Your Vision

Before you get your healing, your salvation, your job, your husband, your first million, your degree; you must hear of Jesus (So then faith cometh by hearing -Rom10:17). Then come to Him (and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out John -6:37). See Him (For mine eyes have seen thy salvation -Luke 2:30). Believe (if thou canst believe, all things are possible -Mark 9:23). Then you will achieve the vision He has put in your heart. Being a million dollar man or woman starts on the inside before bubbling out.