One of the things I’ve noticed about  successful people, other than their humility, is their willingness to get along. They are often jovial, cracking jokes, and making you scratch your head in thought: “How can these men, with renown and means act just like mere mortals?”. Shouldn’t they be more sophisticated, shouldn’t they be snobbish? With regards to the snobbish part, the fact you sent a successful person an email and didn’t get a response back does not mean he/ she is snobbish. Very successful people by virtue of their success constantly receive massive volumes of correspondence in so much that it’s not humanly possible to reply to them all. Here is a tip if you would like to get close: You need to be introduced. Preferably, by someone already in their inner circle, who is certainly not as inundated, and will most likely respond to your email.

I digressed, now back to the topic. Abraham and his wife Sarah are known for their hospitality. How that they open their doors to strangers and are generous in their treatment of guests. But one-thing people don’t always highlight, is that Abraham is a peacemaker as well. When his servants started to quarrel with Lot’s (his nephew) servants; it was Abraham, the older/ wiser man, the more successful man, God’s anointed – that came to Lot with an offer for peace. Abraham didn’t want to compete with his nephew and so he asked Lot to choose first, wherever he wanted to go. Of course Lot rationally chose the land with greener pastures but that didn’t faze Abraham. He knew that His success was based on what was inside him and not what was around him. In fact, it was when Lot left that God visited Abraham and promised him all the land. Lot eventually fell into hard times due to his covetousness but Abraham continued his steep climb up the ladder of success.

Are you wanting to climb the corporate ladder so fast, that you are burning bridges and treating management as a barrier to your goals? Are you seeking to advance your career rapidly in so much that you are constantly quarreling with colleagues? Scripture advices that your management is an ally and not a foe. That your competition is not flesh and blood, but principalities and powers of darkness. That as much as depends on you, to live peaceably with all men. Adhere to this scripture and you will reap the benefits. Doors that you did not knock on will begin to open. Opportunities that you could only dream about will begin to land on your lap. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be the occasional staff member who would try to be the water in your blood but ignore these. Don’t compete with them. Don’t allow them steal your joy. As much as you can, live peaceably with all.

“If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men”. – Romans 12:18