Have you seen the movie 300? It is the story of how King Leonidas and 300 brave Spartans went into battle against a 100,000 strong Persian army – and almost won. It is one of my favorite movies because it reminds me of the actual battle Gideon fought with the Midianites in the Bible – and won. Gideon with the 300 men recommended by God, won a resounding battle over a Medianite army as vast as Grasshoppers in a valley.


The Criteria

Prior to the battle, God ordered Gideon to send home any soldier that was afraid. 22,000 full grown men immediately took the offer to be honorably discharged from the military. Yet the soldiers left were still more than what God had in mind. So in typical God-style, He set the men up to a test. God asked them to drink from a river, and gave Gideon the criteria for those He wanted. Those that lapped water like a dog, knees on the ground and face fully bowed to the ground should go home. But those who stood on their feet to drink, using their hands to scoop water with their eyes focused on the horizon should remain.


Your Revelation

Drink fully in the present, but keep your eyes open, looking over the horizon, over to the future. Be cognizant of enemy movements. (Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices – 2 cor 2:11). Tune up your antenna to listen for opportunity. Live content in your one bedroom flat today but keep your mind on the large compound that won’t just house you, but orphans as well. You get it? Gladly drink the milk of the word today but also crave the meat of the word (Christian maturity). Be well adjusted to your current environment but keep your mind attuned to your future state. My dear friend, live fully in the present, but be mindful of the future.