Joe Jackson Gibbs is a former American Football coach and NASCAR Championship team owner. He won 3 NFL Super bowl titles with the Washington Redskins and 3 NASCAR racing titles. Below is his recipe for a winning life (Elaboration of points is mine).

1.  You need the right coach: Everything rises and falls on leadership. The coach is the leader. If you have his favor, you will thrive, if not; kindly find another coach. More than anything, who you work for determines the trajectory of your rise (or lack of it).

2. You need good players who can count on each other: A great team is invaluable. You may be the best player in the team but if you don’t have a great supporting cast, you will lose. Your opponent only needs to neutralize you, to win. Should this happens, you should be able to count on a team member to step up big time.

3. Understand that real success is achieved through a team effort: Many people like to think of themselves as self made yet I cringe to break it to them that “it ain’t so”. You didn’t win on your own. Your parents, coach, teachers, all helped you become. Always give credit where credit is due. You will continue to need their help and prayers.

4. Realize the clock is running and make every second count: Time, they say, waits for no man. Time is the currency that when spent, cannot be replenished nor redeemed. Don’t waste it.. Use your time in such a way that you qualify for the everlasting life to come.

5. Follow the game plan – its crucial to victory: Stick to the game plan. The game plan, more than likely, will be devised by your coach (This circles back to the first point of why you need the right coach). If executed to perfection, the game plan will give you an edge towards winning. Refine the game plan as life happens, tweak it here and there, but always execute from a laid out game plan.

Excerpts from the book Racing to win – Joe Gibbs