Peter and his cohorts were kidnapped and shamelessly asked to be quiet over their proclamation of Jesus Christ. Peter had filled the city with Christ’s doctrine, and the religious leaders were beginning to feel the pressure. They felt threatened, jealous even. The leaders didn’t know if to order or beg Peter. As a man caught with his pants down, they desperately tried to silence the disciples. Peter being self aware, was defiant: “Should we obey you or God”?


A Defiance Rooted In Identity

There is the true story of a drug trafficker, Gustavo, who when cornered, was asked to snitch (tell on the whereabouts of his associates). He replied with conviction and with laughter, “I am a bandit, not a snitch (informant)”. He was killed for not volunteering information but that moment of self awareness, even in a sinner, I think, is worth considering. It was why the disciples of old chose to die rather than denounce their God. They know who they are. They are disciples and not deniers. It is why Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego didn’t bow down to the golden idol even when they felt the heat of the unforgiving fire. This is a holy defiance that starts with self awareness. Not just knowing who you are, but also knowing whose you are.


A Defiance Based on Whose You Are

You are not a child of sin, you are the child of the most high God. It’s who you are. You are meant to soar, to live above the fray. You are different, peculiar, special and godly. This is who you are. Be self aware today. Perhaps the year has not started as planned. That does not change who you are. When the enemy tries to suggest you are erratic, remind him that  you are steady in Christ. When he suggests you are finished, remind him you are born again, and have only started. When he suggests you are nothing, remind him how precious you are that the King of Kings died for you. You are not a loser. You are a victorious child of God. It’s who you are.

We ought to obey God rather than men… – Acts 5:29