As a youngster, I and a friend decided to go sell books we did not own to pay up a bully. We decided to stop and ask someone we thought was proficient in selling books. This gentleman, Jel, gave us directions quite alright but then he disappeared and told other students that we had gone to sell books. Fortunately, we did not sell the books but instead played video games. When we returned, it was as though the entire school knew what we had been up to.  It was embarrassing to myself and my family . In retrospect, I believe God stopped us from selling the books by sending Jel, who reported us.

Rebelling against God’s Warnings

Balaam thought it OK to flirt with the enemy of God’s people just for a paycheck. King Balak, approached Prophet Balaam, asking him to curse God’s people. Balaam should have known better. Instead he decided to appraoch God with such a filthy request. God told Balaam that He would not curse a people He had already blessed. Balaam took the “news” to King Balak but Balak, being crafty, offered him more enticement. As Balaam rode to the Children of Israel to sin, God sent an angel to stop him on the road. In fact God got His attention further by making His donkey talk to Him. Letting Him know He was in the wrong.

God Sends You Signs And Signals

Today, God still sends strong signals and messages telling you to stop when you are in the wrong. He still stands on the way when you try to go astray. He stirs situations to tell you not to make a bad decision. In fact, it is hard to go to hell. It’s hard to curse God and die. It’s hard to taste of His gift and go back to eating your vomit. Not with all the warnings and help the Holy Spirit provides you daily.  May you never ignore the signals, nor push back the clear signs God is showing.  I pray that you trust that Jesus Christ is enough for you. He is your sufficiency.

 …and the angel of the LORD stood in the road to oppose him – Number 22:22