In my professional experience, I’ve seen many pretend to have a great attitude, when in fact, they are exhibiting the highest levels of passive aggression. I’ve seen people smile when you are around, seem agreeable and pretend to get along with your ideas and disposition. Yet the minute you turn your back, the vitriol emanates full force. This is not good attitude. This keeps people afloat for a while but sooner or later, their sins find them out. I’ve noticed that people like this find it very difficult to progress steadily. They seem to be on a never ending roller coaster of starting over. I hope this is not you, if so, good news is that attitude can be improved. Let’s look at a biblical example of someone who needed to improve his attitude.

Judas was the treasurer of #TeamJesus. He seemed to get along very well with the disciples, and was perhaps, fun to be around. Yet he had a bad attitude all along. His attitude showed itself often. For example, when Mary came to wash the feet of Jesus with her hair and expensive perfume, it was Judas who found fault with this gesture of love. He mentioned that the perfume could have been sold, and the money given to the poor. But Jesus knowing better, answered:

Let her alone : against the day of my burying hath she kept this. For the poor always ye have with you; but me ye have not always.- John 12:7

Judas’s attitude, towards making money above all things got a hold of him. But there is much we can learn from Judas. We can learn to improve our attitude. We can learn to operate with integrity, to pull out of a group if we are not “feeling” the group, and not just get along for getting along sake.

Not everybody is talented at singing but everybody has an attitude which they can control. There is only so much you can grow skill wise, but there is no limit to your growth attitude wise. I agree your attitude is not everything but it is important. I concede there is a place for competency, for confidence, for integrity, for kindness. Yet don’t underestimate the power of your attitude. Your attitude, many times, is the difference maker. Your attitude is the part of the deal completely under your control. It is the last freedom that can be taken from you only if you give it.  Make the most of the attitude God has given you.  Improve your attitude and improve your life.