A friend Anslem, sent me an email asking why he is always accused. His question reminds me of a statement made by former US presidential candidate Ben Carson days before he exited the race. “Someone attack me please”. Ben was languishing badly in the polls. As a result, no one wanted to accuse him during a debate. That’s what happens when you are becoming a no factor. You get no accusation. Those that are down and out get no attacks. So it is in the spiritual world. Satan is not called the accuser of the brethren for nothing.

You are Accused For a Reason

The disciples rejoiced when they had been beaten, counting it joy that they had suffered shame for Jesus Christ. They had been accused of disturbing the peace. Told to be quiet. Threats and appeasement could not keep their mouths shut. Slander and prison could not break their spirit. Their understanding was that they were doing something right to deserve the accusations. So it is also with you when the devil accuses you before the Lord, how that you are not worthy of God’s love. Be of good cheer. Jesus is the defense, jury and Judge. How can you lose?

You Are in Good Company

Here is my reply to Anselm: “Maybe there is something special about you. That’s why people accuse you. Because you stand out. You don’t accuse a man who is no threat to you, do you? The fact you grew, does not mean everyone around you grew also. You will still have to deal, daily, with small minded people. This is just a sign for you to move up even higher. The last time I checked, Jesus was accused for many things He did not do. Those accusations led to His Lordship. Cheer up brother, You are in Good company!”.

And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name. And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ – Acts 5:41-42