It was 3:00am in the morning. The disciples of Jesus Christ were gathered in the upper room, continuing in prayer and fasting as they had been commanded. Suddenly, the room began to shake.

Tongues of fire fell on their head. They all began to speak with a different tongue. They spoke so loud, it awakened the entire neighborhood. The neighbors began to assemble outside the upper room to see what all the fuss and noise was about. They automatically assumed that these men had partied so hard through the night, they were now drunk. I mean how else will you explain this strange, erratic and mysterious behavior of unlearned men speaking in other languages.

Peter came out and defended the group. He said, we are not drunk as you assume but an act of God has just happened. God has just done something he promised in scripture when he said,

…I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy , and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams – Acts 2:17

Peter proceeded to tell them what God had done. His story elicited the response. “What shall we do to be saved”. Peter led them to Christ by asking that they believe in Jesus Christ and be baptized for the remission of sins. The gift of the Holy Spirit will be received for this gift is not just for them but for all generations as many as will be called. That was  the first sermon  preached since the ascension of Christ under the auction of the Holy Spirit. That my friends, is how to preach. The Holy Spirit enables us to preach.

In John chapter 9, we read about a blind man was was healed by Jesus. This was an act of God in his life. This healing was so obvious that people came to ask him what and why his healing had taken place. The former blind man with no formal training or former preaching opportunity, proceeded to tell them what had happened. The professional preachers of his day assailed him with contemptuous, opprobrious and abusive language. They reminded him of how he was not just a sinner but an uneducated sinner. It’s always powerful when the unlearned, who through one act of God on their lives, attempt to preach the gospel. They confound the wise. They are effective.

So what is stopping you? Are people putting limitations on you or are you putting limitation on yourself – that you cannot preach? Is it that your past is so bad, your conscience prohibits you from preaching, or is it that you are currently living in sin and that is a preaching dis-qualifier? Is it that you aren’t of the “correct” racial makeup, that you never completed formal schooling, that you haven’t read through the bible?  Why should God use you when there are many others out there, why shouldn’t he go and use them? Is it your your lack of financial resources that is keeping you from preaching? Whatever it is that is holding you back, you need to understand that none of this matters. Nothing disqualifies you from preaching. Preaching is not that complicated. It does not require complex training, or even an educational degree. Matter of fact, the men God has used historically to preach the gospel are mostly unlearned men. Preaching is simply telling someone (or many people at the same time) an act of God  in your life and then letting them know God can do it in their lives too, if they only believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.