Many years ago, when I was starting out my Christian journey back in high school, I noticed that one of the hardest thing to overcome, was temptation due to peer pressure. While I did not deny Christ, I found it hard to advocate for Him in peer conversations. It became worse, when my peers began to use curse words, insult others and make sexually explicit jokes. I didn’t know if to speak out, or just leave the group. Usually, I did nothing and said nothing. One day, I asked my close friend, Endurance Igbinosun, how he handled these types of situations. Endurance laughed and told me he had gone past the stage I currently was in. He said that when he walks into the room now, his classmates say: “Pastor is here now, so we have to keep it clean”. Because Endurance stood out by professing his faith in Jesus Christ, his classmates respected him enough to refrain from cursing. His temptation due to peer pressure reduced significantly because he chose to stand out.

Ahab, King of Israel, and Jehoshaphat, King of Judah were together in conversation. Ahab asked Jehoshaphat to go to war with him and Jehoshaphat agreed on the condition that they inquired of the Lord. Ahab sent for 400 prophets and they all prophesied with one accord that he would be victorious in battle. Jehoshaphat not satisfied, asked if there wasn’t another prophet that could be sent for. So Ahab sent for the prophet Micaiah. Prior to Micaiah prophesying, he was admonished by a messenger to succumb to peer pressure, and say just as the other 400 prophets had said. Prophet Micaiah responded with the immortal words “…As the LORD liveth, even what my God saith , that will I speak” – 2 Chronicles 18:13. Micaiah stood out from the crowd and prophesied King Ahab’s demise as was shown to him by the Lord.  The fact he was not originally called to prophesy shows that his temptation due to peer pressure was not as much as the other 400 who sold out. The way Micaiah was able to  overcome temptation due to peer pressure was to stand out.

Are you trying so hard to fit in? In many ways, it is human to conform. But the key to overcoming temptation due to peer pressure, is to stand out. It is by professing your faith early and clearly. Make it vivid what it is you stand for. Some people may not like you, but there is a high likelihood they will respect your stand. Some people will think twice before bringing you an offer to sin. This will reduce your propensity to sin, it will cut down on the temptations you face due to peer pressure. The way to overcome temptation due to peer pressure is to stand out.

Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate , saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,- 2 Corinthians 6:17