I got the privilege of working with Isaac Hughes on a campus Christian concert many years ago. Isaac is a person of influence who got things done. I asked Isaac how he came to Christ and he narrated how he was brought up in a Christian home, but backslid. He came back to God by listening to praise and worship music one day. That’s it. No preaching, no reading, just music. He said he felt the presence of the holy spirit mightily in that moment, rededicated his life to Christ and has not looked back since. You see now why I include music with my books?

How I Recapture God’s Presence

Let me tell you my secret to recapturing God’s presence around me. I simply play worship music. It’s why I like to step on the platform to preach after a worship song. I allow worship usher in God’s presence and the rest is automatic. In fact, as I am writing you, I am listening to “You” by Rosemary and the anointing here is so strong. The Bible says to bring a sacrifice of praise unto our Lord. In the old testament, God’s people only had to sacrifice and God’s presence would fall down mightily. They only needed to sing, and the walls of Jericho would fall. When Saul was tormented with demons, he only needed David to worship with the harp, and the devil left. David once said: “If your presence does not go with us, then we don’t want to leave this place”.

Worship is the most powerful way I know to feel God’s presence; goosebumps, tears, awe and all. The Bible says to enter into God’s courts with praise. When you are in trouble, weep to the Lord in worship. Sing a love song to Him. Listen to worship music.

God's Presence

Rosemary’s You – A worship experience

Enraptured in day to day cares, my spirit felt as though it was sinking. Rather than listen to worship music, I decided to respond to email and I almost missed a song that God had sent due to the large volume of my correspondence. But for God. I clicked on this particular song to listen. As I did, His presence immediately filled my study. My spirit resuscitated. There was an anointing on this song and I knew immediately that the song must have come from a deep place. Deep calleth to deep, the Bible says.

I reached out to Rosemary, who sang the song, and she was gracious enough to share the story behind it here. I will let you read for yourself. More than that, she generously agreed to give you the song as a special gift today. Download for free, and listen. The song has been on repeat in my computer and in my car. God’s presence makes all the difference. In His presence is fullness of joy. May the presence of the Lord never leave you.

Download You – by Rosemary

Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures evermore – Psalm 16:11