It was about 8pm on a warm August night. 2009 to be exact. How could I forget that night. We had settled into the house for the day, waiting to say our prayers and go to bed. The weight of what had happened during the week was beginning to subside and grow at the same time. You see, my daughter and I had just lost our passports during an international trip. I had lost my wallet with my ID cards and debit card in it. I also lost a laptop with troves of important business and academic documents as well as my phone. In fact, I had lost my identity and was now stranded. In just one day, I had become broke, nameless and lost.


From The Mouth of Babes

A kind elderly lady allowed us stay at her place in the interim. As I pondered my harsh realities, my then 3 year old daughter busted out singing with a mighty conviction: “You are Faithful! You are faithful!! You are Faithful!!! Your Joy is my Strength”. The tears almost streamed down my eyes hearing a little child sing about the faithfulness of God. And I, the adult, was shivering with fear of the unknown. She didn’t seem to be moved by the gravity of the moment but was carefree in her trust of the Lord’s faithfulness. That He will never leave nor forsake us, that He is very near those with broken hearts. That His faithfulness to me in not dependent on my faithfulness to Him. He is faithful because He is faithful.

The Gift That has Kept on Giving

Faith rose in my spirit after hearing her sing. It did not matter that the enemy had meant this moment for bad – God is still faithful and will turn it to a testimony. He is Faithful to accomplish all that concerns me today. Oh, we suffered. It took a while but eventually, miracle after miracle, God started opening doors for us again. Just because we trusted Him to be faithful. Eventually, we did get brand new international passports. We traveled home and enrolled in school just in time. I was behind on my rent and other financial obligations but quickly got caught up. I still was employed, and above all, I had learned a great lesson. A gift that has kept on giving through the years. A realization that no matter what, God is faithful.

This is a testimony to encourage you today that God is faithful. Has He promised it? He will surely bring it to pass. His faithfulness makes Him too big to be tested, but deserving of your trust. Have you ever personally experienced what God’s faithfulness looks like? I am happy to hear your story too.

Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it. – 1 Thessalonians 5:24


This is the video of the song my daughter heard, memorized, and started singing