Imagine giving thanks in the year of a global pandemic. Late last year, I mentioned 2020 will be a year of contentment. This went contra to what a lot of people thought considering it was a new decade and all. But here we are. It is easier to be thankful if you are content. In fact, contentment is a form of Thanksgiving. You have a roof over your head, you are healthy, you are surrounded by loving family members, and best of all, your God is still on the throne. You are here. You are still here, and all glory be to God.

I’m reminded of Paul and Silas who had come into a new city, Macedonia, at the behest of the Holy Spirit – to win souls. First, they meet a kind lady, Lydia, who makes her financial resources available to them. Ministry must be going great, they thought. And then they met a “damsel possessed with a spirit of divination”, who gave them grief over many days. Their rebuke of this damsel led them to prison. They could have complained, or given up their ministry … or they could praise. They chose to praise, which provided their freedom, and that of many others, including the jailer and his family, who were also saved.

Can you praise in failure? If you can, you will not just be set free of your situation, but you will also bring salvation to many others. This quagmire you are in is only to shape you better, so you can win souls. And that only if you choose to praise. Happy Thanksgiving.

And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: – Acts 16:25


Hi Evangelist, After just reading Day 1 of your book, I have all the answers I have always wanted from God. The answers to the prayer request I sent you earlier are right here on the first page of your book. Wow am feeling uplifted in spirit. – Naomi Zimba

Send me your prayer requests and I will be happy to lift you up to the throne in prayer. Until next time, remember, Jesus Christ loves you and so do I.