It’s that time of the year when we pause a bit and say thank you Lord for a wonderful year. What a great year it’s been for us. Together, we’ve been to over 5 nations, and witnessed hundreds give their lives to Christ. Thousands heard the gospel preached. Many got healed, and others found employment. Lot’s of new precious friends have been made along the way. Newsflash: my new book code named “WIGDN” is almost complete and I believe you will be inspired by this one when it comes out. For our efforts, God is already rewarding my family and friends with a harvest this year. Happy Thanksgiving 2015, to you and your family. Enjoy the Turkey.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Testimony

There is so much to be thankful for this year. Squander not, any opportunity you get to testify. That’s how God makes permanent that which He has done for you, and that is one big way He encourages the faith of others to rise enough till they can receive of Him. Testifying is how you overcome, it is how you receive more from God.

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony… Revelations 12:11


The Giveaway

In the Spirit of thanksgiving, I am doing a give away. Yay! I am purchasing 5 copies of Stephanie Ike’s new book “Moving Forward” at $9.99 each and giving it away to 5 friends for free. This book has some clear biblical teachings. You need to have a kindle device, or kindle app in your phone/ computer, in-order to receive this gift. To enter for a chance to win this book, there are only two things to do:

  1. Use the tweet and/ or facebook button below to share the message. (Don’t forget to use the harshtag #MovingForwardTheBook as that is how we will see it.

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2. Send an email to telling me you tweeted or used the facebook link – or both. That’s it.

Moving forward the book kindle

The 5 winners will be announced next week, the Lord willing. Someone from my team will contact you with details if you are selected as a winner. Below is a preview of some of the words that stuck out to me as I read this book:

  • “Our value isn’t based on other people’s approval; our value is in Christ, who sacrificed His life for us, meaning we’re worth the life of God”
  • “God doesn’t force obedience on us, but we can’t walk in our purpose if we’re not obedient to His word”.
  • “Being a disciple goes beyond knowing Jesus; it involves doing His work”

Have a happy Thanksgiving Holiday. Don’t work too hard today, but you are allowed to eat real hard – today only :). Be thankful, it’s your Father’s will to give you the Kingdom.