Greatness is achieved on the brink of destruction. It is getting through it, taking all the hits and saying, I am still alive. C’mon, hit me with your best shot. I’m still standing. As they say in Nigeria, “You no reach”. Meaning nothing is big enough to bring you down. Simply put, greatness is indestructibility. Even in death you become more, than you were in life.

Greatness is also humility and compassion. It’s the ability to stand in front of 80,000 awe inspired fans one day, and the next day, stand with only 10 people, at the funeral procession of a young man, whose widowed mother is enraptured in grief. Greatness is having a child like spirit. When people come in contact with you, they marvel that you are not anything like your renowned name suggest. You are simple. Yet by the mere incident of getting physically close to you, they too are inspired to be great.

Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. – Matthew 18:4

Greatness is finding your lane, your cause in life and sticking to it. It is being enthused by your calling. It is paying the price. It is sacrificing your own self on the altar of the greater cause. It is “not my will but yours be done”. It is decreasing that He may increase. Welcome to self-destructed indestructibility. Welcome to humility. Welcome to greatness.