This is not a story
Believe me
It is not even a fiction
Neither is it one of those once I was blind but now I can see talks
It is about me
For those who know me little
Read and have insight
For those who do,
Get ready to get confused or persuaded or let’s say see the more stranger in me
I’m not a grammarian
so I speak in plain English
That every my word understand
Or as the french might put it ‘saisir le mot’
Well, I have not but been a stranger in the eyes of men, family and friends
Prove me wrong if you may, if you can and if you will
There she goes again!
Go straight to the point my dear!
Forgive my blabbings I pray
You know , my home used to be a mess
Imagine the kind of mess that makes you look at yourself and wonder
Gosh! What on earth is wrong with me?!
That’s me!
The truth- I had nobody to help me clean it up
I knew deep down that it needed cleaning
Not just cleaning, cleansing
For heaven’s sake! What on earth is she saying?
Patience. Patience my dear.
Like I was saying,
I tell you, not all the friends in this world could tidy me up
So here I was, totally stuck
I sure couldn’t do it by myself
I chose to resort the best cleaner the world could offer
‘Miss Liar’- OH I hate to tell you about but I will
She did a pretty good job in what she knows to do best
She blindfolded me and put me in a state of denial
made me who I wasn’t and made others see me the way I wanted them
Just like the spotless, tidy person that indeed I wasn’t
Bitterness was building a nest in my living room
Anger filled up my kitchen
backbiting, slander, stealing, envy, coveteousness, malice
just to mention a few
was eating up the foundation of my house
which was infact my home
Yet here I was, blindfolded
pretending things not to be
Hmm…. who would have thought
I woke up one night with tears in my eyes
tired of the shadow i have lived in
I took out the blindfold
I realized how messier than before my home had become
Inside me was this yearning to be seen
Just as I am
My heart was weary, my soul short of words
I was in total disarray.
My cleaner showed up that morning but her paycheck I gave- and fired her
Yes, she cursed and yelled and banged and you know the rest I suppose
You know how people say ‘I quit’ when you fire them
Just so they won’t feel ashamed for loosing their jobs
Yes… that was it
Hey! Let’s not let loser ‘miss liar’ steal the show
I am the heroine, so back to me
I felt depressed thinking of my mess
and wondering how to clear them up
It was in my depression that I cried out for help from my maker
The next morning, I heard a light tap on my door
I opened the the door and behold
A beauty eyes have never beheld
She was clothed in the whitest of all whites
her hair was indescribably golden mixed with this scent of purity
Her eyes glowed like fire and sun mixed together
with this calm and peaceful look they had in them
Her lips gave out this welcoming smile that I wondered which one of us was the guest
Hello Elewanya! My name is ‘Miss Grace’ and I am here to help you
I opened my mouth to say something but couldn’t figure out what
She knew my name!
‘may I come in?’ that sweet voice brought me back to my thoughts
‘What are your charges, I don’t think i can afford you?’, I said
She looked earnestly and pitifully yet lovingly at me and laughed loudly
‘Look at my hands, you see this, the price has already been paid’, she retorted
‘Well then’, i said.
I invited her in, even though I was too ashamed to let her see the mess
She looked at me and saw my uneasiness and said
‘Don’t worry I’d take care of everything  but on one condition’
My heart skipped, Oh my!
What could I ever give her in return?
‘I only need you to let me stay with you and let me be your servant’
Haa…. what a relief!
That wasn’t too much to ask
and so it was
Grace cleaned my home for nothing
and i tell you
It hasn’t been much cleaner
The truth, sometimes I still do make a mess
But Grace helps me clean it up and has ever since not left me filthy
I, who, nothing good deserved
Got everything good and ever since my home has been going through divine transformation
Want to meet Grace?
Please dial my number