This week, the Lord has been speaking to me about giving above and beyond, about giving some more. I am reminded of biblical Rebecca who chose not just to give to the servant of Abraham alone, but also to give some more to all his Camels – without any thought of gain. I am reminded of Jesus who felt compassion for the multitudes. Sheep without shepherds, he thought them as, and then proceeded to teach them many words of wisdom – tuition free.

I think of the disciples, who expressed empathy towards the multitudes, and implored on Jesus to send them away to the towns and villages, that they may find something to eat, and not faint, out in the wilderness where they were camped. Jesus appreciated the empathy and compassion of his disciples, but decided to give some more. He took it up a notch when he said:

Give ye them  to eat – Mark 6:27

In other words, He said, let’s not just spell out directions at them and ask them to go it all on their own, to do it all by themselves. Let us give some more by taking their hands and showing them the way. Let us not just feed their minds and souls. Let us give some more by feeding their bodies as well. Yes, we’ve given them that which is adequate, but let us give them some more. Rebecca got a big reward for going above and beyond in her giving. Jesus Christ got a big reward for giving some more. You already know the benefits of giving selflessly, but try giving some more. Go on, step it up a notch – Give some more.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give – Winston Churchill

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