Amidst the raucous Uindy crowd cheering on their Greyhounds swim team to victory, I pushed my way slowly out towards the exit. Then I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder. Turning around, I was met with a smiling, understanding and compassionate face. I smiled back and walked briskly towards the exit. I recognized that face. So full of forgiveness. That face belonged to the mother of my then university roommate. She’d heard of me and how God had used me to baptize her son. But I also had inadvertently hurt her family in a subsequent decision I made. Yet in that quick moment of recognition, I felt free and affirmed. Forgiven by a touch.


Set Free by Forgiveness

Jamie fell to his knees and wept uncontrollable as the recognition set in. The hands that had just touched him in this dingy and dangerous jail belonged to the man whom he had ambushed and shot weeks ago. The gaping hole in his victim’s face where an eye once lodged, bore out visibly for all to see. Instead of getting his own eye shot out in revenge, in its place he was getting a touch of forgiveness. This is one of many stories playing out across Medellin, Colombia. Former Sicarios (assassins/hitmen) giving their lives to Christ as a result of the gospel preached to them by family members of individuals they had decapitated. Forgiven by a touch.


Affirmed by Forgiveness

Do you relate with the joy Peter felt when he received an employment opportunity: “Feed my Sheep” from a man, Jesus, whom he had vehemently denied a few days earlier? Or do you feel the relief of the woman, whom men in the neighborhood had known in more ways than meets the eye, when she touched Jesus and heard the words: “You are Forgiven”? I don’t care what’s bearing heavy on your mind, God’s word for you today is simply this: “You are now free and affirmed to live out your highest calling. That’s because you have been forgiven by God’s touch”.

Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little – Luke 7:47